The Gospel of Matthew: Chapters 24-25

Jesus’ Olivet Discourse | Matthew wrote His Gospel to persuade Jews that Jesus is the promised Messiah of old. His account demonstrates how Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament, bringing salvation to Jew and Gentile alike in His life, death, and resurrection.

Messages in this Series

July 10, 2022

Christ calls us to kingdom work while we wait for his return. Matthew 25:14-30

July 3, 2022

We may be surprised by Jesus’ return, but we don’t have to be unprepared. Matthew 25:1-13

June 26, 2022

The return of Christ should stir us to live faithfully and fruitfully. Matthew 24:45-51

June 19, 2022

Are you ready for the return of Christ? Matthew 24:42-44

May 22, 2022

The enthronement of Christ is good news for our broken world. Matthew 24:29-31

June 12, 2022

The return of Christ calls for sober-mindedness and steadfastness. Matthew 24:36-41

May 29, 2022

Jesus is our anchor in times of trial. Matthew 24:32-35

May 15, 2022

God is faithful through tribulation and distress. Matthew 24:15-28

May 8, 2022

Jesus calls us to be alert and to endure. Matthew 24: 3-14

May 1, 2022

Jesus is God and His Words are True. Matthew 24: 1-2