Sing boldly. Engage Deeply.

Ignite Creative is a group of worship leaders, vocalists, instrumentalists, songwriters, audio engineers, and visual engineers leading our church by creating and cultivating an atmosphere that invites our church to sing boldly and engage deeply in worship. 


IgniteCreative classifies the style of worship at Ignite Church as modern worship. IgniteCreative pursues the modern worship context through  our sound, our teams, and our songs.


The modern worship sound is a bass-referenced, full sound that makes significant use of both space and dynamics. Keys/Piano is the primary instrument in the modern sound. Modern songs are not boring, but they are intentionally simple in their melodies and chord structure. This simplicity allows a wide variety of people with different levels of musical ability and literacy to sing along. The instrumentalists and vocalists play a significant role in making the songs “interesting” by adding dynamics and movement with their instruments and/or voices. Each instrumentalist and vocalist has a role they are expected to play in the overall sound of modern worship.


Modern worship is “team-centric.” A team is used to add dynamics, texture, and energy to the simple songs that make up a typical worship set.  A standard team any given Sunday at Ignite Church will usually include keys, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, acoustic guitar, and vocalists. Additional instruments may be used, depending on the team, but those instruments typically fill a similar sonic space and/or role to the instruments listed above. For example a violin might be used for guitar-like lead lines, or keyboard-like strings.


The songs that are chosen fall within the context of the style, sound, and teams at IgniteCreative. Every song goes through a carefully vetted process. This process is designed to continue to create and cultivate an atmosphere that invites our church to sing boldly and engage deeply in corporate worship.

Whether you sing or play an instrument we encourage you to apply for the Worship Team.
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If you enjoy things from mixing audio to using ProPresenter we encourage you to apply for the Production Team.
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Small groups of people that meet throughout the FM area during the week to share a meal, study the Bible, pray, and build relationships together. Our Life Groups are sermon-based, discussing the previous week's sermon together.
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Groups that teach biblical doctrine and principles for Christian living. Life Courses connect you with others in a similar stage of life and equip you to thrive in new seasons.
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Discipleship Groups (D-Groups) are gender-specific groups of 3-5 people who meet weekly for deep, biblical discipleship. D-Groups provide believers with a framework for fulfilling the Great Commission through discipleship (Matt. 28:18-29).
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At IGNITEkids, we believe that every child is a gift from God. That is why we have established a safe learning environment with clear expectations. We’ve implemented several procedures and policies to help promote this.

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At Ignite, we are for the family. We are committed to helping you develop into the family God has envisioned: a small community with Jesus at the center. Learn more about our For the Family Milestones, including how we handle Birth/Adoption, Child Dedications, and providing children with age appropriate Bibles.

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