The Gospel of Matthew: Chapters 10-12

Jesus commissions the apostles | Matthew wrote His Gospel to persuade Jews that Jesus is the promised Messiah of old. His account demonstrates how Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament, bringing salvation to Jew and Gentile alike in His life, death, and resurrection.

Messages in this Series

November 15, 2020

Living morally without Christ living in you brings death. Matthew 12: 43-45

November 8, 2020

Self-exaltation leaves no room for God. Matthew 12:38-42

October 18, 2020

Pride hardens the heart and rots the soul. Matthew 12: 9-14

October 25, 2020

How we respond to authority is just as important as how we exercise it. Matthew 12:15-32

November 1, 2020

The heart can only produce what is consistent with its nature. Matthew 12:33-37

October 11, 2020

In trying to earn God's favor, you will miss Him completely. Matthew 12: 1-8

October 4, 2020

Receiving Christ demands repentance from sin and rest from works. Matthew 11:20-30

September 27, 2020

Matthew 11:1-19

September 20, 2020

Christ calls his people to proclaim the gospel without fear and without compromise. Matthew 10:26-42

September 13, 2020

Following Jesus means experiencing triumph and trial. Matthew 10:1-25