Membership at Ignite Church

We believe that every believer should be committed to one another in the local church through membership. Members are those who have proclaimed faith in Jesus for the forgiveness of their sins, have professed this faith through baptism, and have entered into a covenant relationship with those who make up Ignite Church.

Becoming a member at Ignite Church is a four-step process:

First, attend Discover Ignite.

Discover Ignite is a 90-minute class led by two of our elders. It’s a place for you to learn more about Ignite—who we are, our mission, and our beliefs—as well as how to get connected to our ministries and grow as a Christ-follower. Upon completion, those who attended the class are able but not obligated to sign up for an elder interview, the second step of the membership process.  Sign up for a Discover Ignite class.

Second, meet with an elder for an elder interview.

This 30-minute interview with one or two of our elders is intended for us to hear how the Lord saved you, confirm that you understand the meaning of membership at Ignite, establish care, and answer questions or help you get connected to any of our ministries. Sign up for an elder interview and come prepared to share your summary statement of the gospel and your personal testimony of conversion.

Third, be baptized.

If you have not yet been baptized as a believer by immersion, we require that you take this step before becoming a member. If you want to learn more about baptism, need help deciding if you should be baptized, or you are ready to be baptized, complete our baptism form to take your next step. If you have any questions or want more information about baptism and membership, you can read our Baptism and Membership FAQs.

Fourth, affirm the membership agreement.

The final step to becoming a member is to read and affirm the membership agreement. This is your formal commitment to the members of Ignite Church. This will be done at your elder interview.